Main Features

  • Optimize System & Internet Speed
  • As the best system optimizer, optimization objects of the software have widely covered System, Memory, Application, Desktop and Internet, with which your PC can reach the top condition of performance.

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  • Optimize System & Internet Speed
  • Fix & Clean Up Registry Errors
  • With the core purpose to keep PC running stable and provide fluent PC using experience, Max Utilities is capable enough to fully accomplish Registry cleanup and optimization so that system has a clear control of your PC.

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  • Fix & Clean Up Registry Errors
  • Remove Junks & Boost Your PC
  • Max Utilities has a better understanding that the less junk files and useless files existing in your PC, the faster and smoother your PC will be. Install Max Utilities and give your Disk a cleaning bath right now!

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  • Remove Junks & Boost Your PC

Free Computer Advice

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  8. memory fix
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  10. Speed up Internet
  11. DLL error

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Computer Problems

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