slow start up
slow start up

How to get rid of Slow Start up?

This is the era of technology the computer is an integral part of our life and we find ourselves in thick soup if the same starts lagging excessively. The start up of the PC along with the Operating system is the concentrated area where we get issues for the system lagging. For getting rid of the same scroll down.

Which causes the sudden slow start up in your computer? Well, there can be numerous reasons behind same. If we look at the reasons minutely you will get to know about the same in detail and the searching for the solution will be easier for you.

Some most common areas of the slow start up are:

With the Windows 8.1: This is the most prevalent OS which is used by several people like us but with the same the problem of slow start up has been very common. In this case when you start the PC the Windows lags a lot to be loaded and it takes up to 10-20 minutes to be done. The slow start up takes place with the other operating systems like Windows XP, 7 and most recent one Windows 10.

Blank screen: This is one issue which is faced be several users mainly with Windows 7 Home Premium. If this slow start up issue occurs in your system you will get the blank screen without any icon or anything on the screen for 30 seconds or so and then the “starting windows” write up will pop up on the same.

Slow and noisy: Two issues can club up together those are the slow start up and noisy Windows if there is something wrong in the system. It may seem that the system is trying to start up lots of applications altogether.

Many more similar or dissimilar can be the affected area of slow start up but getting the tool of Max Utilities will help you in dragging the problems out of the system without any hassle.

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